Marbella Dress for the Valentine’s Blog Tour!

Happy Valentine’s Day and welcome to my stop on the Valencia and Marbella Valentine’s Blog tour! I’m going to tell you all about how I mashed the Marbella Tank with the Boardwalk skirt to make a new dress that I deeply adore, but first, I need to tell you about how New Horizons is celebrating Valentine’s Day by not only having a great sale but also by giving you a chance to win amazing prizes! (Seriously I want them all!)

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First the sales! The Marbella Tank and Valencia Top (affiliate links) patterns are on sale for $7 each until February 10th!

And Surge Fabric Shop has put together these gorrgeeouusss curated bundles designed for the Marbella and Valencia, and they gave the blog tour a special coupon code for you for 15% off these bundles with code NHBUNDLES15! Good until February 14th, if the bundle quantities last that long!


And now the PRIZES!

4 lucky sewists will receive Marbella and Valencia pattern bundles!

1 VERY lucky sewist will win: the Marbella and Valencia pattern bundle, a curated fabric bundle of your choice from Surge, a $35 gift card to So Sew English, AND a $40 gift card to Mily Mae Fabrics!!

Enter HERE! Prizes drawn on February 10th!

Once you’ve entered the giveaway, let me tell you about my new dress!

I used gorgeous fuchsia stretch lace from Surge and adorable heart DBP from So Sew English. I love those “person leading the photographer by the hand” pictures, and I knew I wanted to try one to show off the lace back of the Marbella dress!


Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, not to be sappy but I think the greatest human quality we have is love, and I love to celebrate it, and the best way is with chocolate! Second best way to celebrate is of course with lace, so soon as I started thinking about Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be so much fun to make a lace-back Marbella tank as a dress!



I thought about different skirts for a long time, a fitted skirt like a pencil skirt would make a smoking hot bodycon style of dress, but I wanted something a little more flowy, a little more swirly. I considered the skirts from the Tawsha and the Deer Creek dresses, but my heart wanted the 3/4 circle Boardwalk skirt! And, of course, it has pockets!


To mash them, I put on a Marbella I’d made previously and marked where I wanted it to flare out into the skirt, right where my hips start to flare. I laid that Marbella on top of the front pattern piece and marked that line. I also marked it on the back piece.


Then I laid out my fabric, put the Marbella bodice piece at the fold, and overlapped the Boardwalk skirt pattern piece, lining it up at my mark.


The heart fabric has stripes of lighter and darker hearts, so to make sure those lined up I cut out the front first, and then laid out the back pattern piece, and then layered the front fabric over the back pattern piece and made sure the stripes lined up as I wanted!


Then cut and sew as normal, finishing the lace back, topstitching, and then the sides. The Marbella goes together so fast!

For the topstitching, I was in awe of the beautiful stitching the pattern testers had. I played around with it, and I should have known. It’s wonder tape! Any sewing question I have, the answer is always wonder tape!

Put down a smooth unbroken line all the way around where you want to hem. It stands up from the curve, so it’s easy to turn down and press in place.


I’m so into this double needle! It was much easier to use than I thought! Second spool goes on the bobbin spindle, crank the thread tension up to 7, and it’s good to go!


And with the beautiful details finished, I have a new dress and it has pockets!


Thank you so much for coming by and make sure you enter the giveaway while you can! The love continues all this week on the New Horizons Valencia and Marbella Blog Tour, with a new post every day! Check them all out!

Monday February 4th: Becky Petty from Big Fly Notions

Tuesday February 5th: Amanda Briles from Meadow Sews (me!)

Wednesday February 6th: Suzanna Bovinet from Inspired Indigo

Thursday February 7th: Livia Jonker from Liviality

Thursday February 7th: Darcy Rochholz Bjertness from Sew Beeloved

Friday February 8th: Sarah Boses from Sweet Sprocket

Friday February 8th: Jillayne Richey from Hazelnut Handmade

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. I only recommend products I have personally used and enjoyed and believe are a worthwhile purchase.

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