The Bellevue Top!

New Horizons has released the Bellevue Top, and it’s adorable! There’s just something about a shirt that falls off of one shoulder that makes you feel sexy!


When I test patterns I always grade out for my measurements, so that I can give an accurate view of how the shirt is intended to fit, even if I usually don’t bother when I’m sewing for myself. The thing that helped this shirt fit the most was grading for my shoulder width, though!


I definitely recommend checking out their post about Choosing Sizes and checking your Shoulder Width against the table there. Because this shirt drapes sexily off your shoulder, it really helps with the fit to grade for shoulder width, and in a different way than usual.


Normally, when I grade for the width at the shoulder, I just take the width for the size I’m grading to, and keep the same height and neckband as for my bust size. For the Bellevue I used the complete top of the shoulder, height and width, and the neckband for the size for my shoulder width.


This allows the shirt plenty of room to drape off my shoulder beautifully!


I made the long-sleeved version, but the short-sleeved one is absolutely adorable, and on my list to make soon. It would be perfect in a rayon spandex! Since it’s a dolman style shirt it goes together really quickly, and is easy to cut out. I also can’t wait to hack it, I think wearing it as a wide boat neck shirt and adding 2 straps would be so cute, and I could also extend it to mid-thigh and make a summery nightgown…

Thanks for reading!




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